Wisconsin Motorcycle Insurance

If you are looking for beautiful, scenic motorcycle rides, then Wisconsin will be a great choice with plenty to provide. Whether you’re just riding up to catch a Packers game or driving with the Dells, Wisconsin is prime biking territory. Wisconsin has lots of tours and trails, and something from the more unique may be the Great Wisconsin Cheese Tour. In a state popular for cheese, it’s a natural, and you will take a trip and visit some of the over 60 artisan cheesemakers for any great culinary expedition. Be sure to save some room in your saddlebags to take a little home along with you.

Motorcycle Driving License Requirements
In Wisconsin, you must have a Class M motorcycle license or perhaps a motorcycle instruction permit to ride a motorcycle. If you’re interested in a moped however, you do not need the Class M, all you need is a normal Class D regular or probationary license.

To find the instruction permit, you first need to pass a written test, and when you’re under 18, you’ll need evidence of driver ed completion, proof that you’re enrolled in a basic motorcycle rider course, and you need to be at least 16. The permit will work for 6 months, and there are restrictions. You have to wear eye protection along with a helmet, despite the fact that you might ride alone, you may do so only during the day. At night, you have to be associated with someone older than 25 that has a category M license. Following the permit, you are able to apply for the Class M license, which takes a road test, or alternately, if you have successfully taken the Basic Motorcycle Rider Course, you can get a waiver on the road test.

Minimum Insurance Coverage for Motorcycle
Just recently your Wisconsin raised the liability coverage requirements. You will have to have $15,000 in property damage coverage, $50,000 for injury or death of 1 person, and $100,000 for injury or death of more than one person. You’ll be necessary to show proof of insurance if you are stopped or have an accident, and when you drive without insurance, you might be subject to a fine of up to $500.

Helmet Laws in Wisconsin

Helmets are required for those riders and passengers under the age of 18. If you are carrying a passenger under 18 who is not wearing an effective helmet, you’re susceptible to an excellent and demerit points. Regardless of age, if you have a motorbike instruction permit, both you and your passengers will also be necessary to wear a helmet. Helmets must meet or exceed DOT minimum standards. No matter requirements though, it is usually recommended for drivers and passengers to wear helmets at all times.

How to locate an Approved Insurance Company
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