West Virginia Motorcycle Insurance

No flat plains and straight roads here, when you’re in your motorcycle in West Virginia, you’ll enjoy rugged terrain, mountains and hills from one end of the state to the other. One of the most scenic and beautiful states within the union, West Virginia offers quite a bit to own intrepid motorcycle rider. You’ll enjoy riding with the Appalachian Mountain range and the Monogahela National Forest, and besides riding, there are plenty of exciting destinations through the state. So rent that cabin within the woods and directly out-West Virginia’s getaways are calling.

Motorcycle Driving License in West Virginia
You will have to possess a motorcycle license (Class F license), that is great for motorcycles only; or possess a motorcycle endorsement in your regular license. Their state offers rider courses produced by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and when you pass one of these approved courses, you’re exempt from having to take the skills test. You will need to get a motorcycle instruction permit though, before attending the category. Before you decide to obtain your motorcycle license, you will have to have a valid West Virginia driver’s license, and be 16 years old or older.

Insurance Minimum Requirements
All registered vehicles, including motorcycles, must be insured in the state of West Virginia. You will have to obtain at least $20,000 of coverage for one accident/one injury, $40,000 for one accident/two or even more injuries; and $10,000 in property damage protection. You have to carry proof of insurance with you at all times, and it’ll be requested in the event of a traffic stop or accident. When you register your motorcycle additionally , you will have to provide proof of insurance.

West Virginia has strict laws regarding insurance. If you are stopped and do not show evidence of insurance, you will lose your registration, and will need to pay a $100 reinstatement fee, plus show proof of insurance. You may even lose your driving privileges for 30 days for the first offense, and 3 months for that second offense.

Helmet Laws in West Virginia
All motorcycle riders and passengers of all ages must wear an approved helmet in the state of West Virginia. However , there was a change in this law proposed recently, the proposal did not pass, and also the law remains intact.

Affordable Motorcycle Insurance
Prior to you heading out into the Appalachian mountains for your weekend getaway, make sure you’re covered with adequate motorcycle insurance. It doesn’t need to be costly. CheapMotorcycleInsurance.net has all the information you’ll need, all you have to do is enter your zipcode in the box below and answer a few pre-determined questions. Soon, you’ll be moving toward affordable insurance in one of the best and many reliable carriers in the state.

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