Virginia Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycling with the Blue Ridge Mountains. Can you imagine some thing peaceful and relaxing? And if that’s not enough, you will find the Chesapeake Bay towards the east, and rolling hills all around the state. Virginia is where to visit if you’re looking for scenery. Point your bike in a direction and you will find something spectacular. The state’s slogan is “Virginia is for lovers,” but Virginia is perfect for bikers, too.

Motorcycle Driving License in Virginia
To ride your motorcycle in Virginia, you need to have a valid license having a Class M designation on it. If you are just learning, you can get a motorcycle learner’s permit. If you’re 19 years of age or older, you will get the category M designation in your license if you take the vision make sure the motorcycle written test. Then you will have to obtain and hold a motorcycle learner’s permit not less than Thirty days, and then pass the motorcycle road skills test. If you’re under 19, you need to contain the learner’s permit for nine months. You won’t need to take the road test for those who have a Virginia Rider Training Program certificate, which shows that you’ve successfully completed working out course. But when you complete the course, you need down to the DMV-you need to make an application for the motorcycle designation within 30 days. Of course, we all know you’re anxious, to ensure that will not be a problem!

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Virginia
Virginia comes with an automatic verification program, which electronically verifies that registered vehicles have current insurance. You will need to obtain bodily injury and death coverage of $25,000 for just one person and $50,000 for 2 persons, in addition to property damage coverage in the amount of $20,000. Alternately, you may pay a $500 Uninsured Automobile (UMV) fee to the DMV. This fee doesn’t provide you with any insurance-it enables you to drive an uninsured vehicle at the own risk, and also the fee has to be renewed with your registration. If you don’t have insurance, or haven’t paid the UMV fee, you are subject to an excellent, and will have your driving and registration privileges suspended. By all accounts, the UMV fee is really a worse deal than actually purchasing the insurance, so you’ll be better off allowing offer you some affordable quotes.

Helmet Laws in Virginia
State guidelines requires you to definitely wear an approved helmet, regardless of age. Additionally you must wear a face shield or safety glasses or goggles; alternately, the face area shield isn’t necessary if you have a motorbike by having an approved windshield. All passengers should also wear a helmet.

Buying  Motorcycle Insurance

Getting motorcycle insurance in Virginia is easy and affordable. There are many carriers authorized to work in the state, and with a little comparison shopping, you can easily find the best rates for you. Just enter your zipcode in the box below and answer a few quick questions, and we’ll offer you home elevators probably the most reliable and reputable carriers in the state, and precisely an inexpensive price.

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