Texas Motorcycle Insurance

Texas is an exceptionally diverse state. They say that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and you will certainly find some big motorcycle rides there, from the panhandle right down to the Rio Grande. The massive territory is ideal for motorcycle riders, and also the 624 miles of coastline make for some truly incredible rides. There is plenty for you to discover in this truly great state, whether you prefer the large city of Dallas, or even the mile after mile of rural countryside. Any time of the year, you’ll always find a thrilling destination, and the the sunshine every month of the year means you may never get snowed from a ride.

Motorcycle License Requirements
To obtain a motorcycle license in Texas, you have to apply personally at a Texas Driver License office. If you are a first-time applicant and under 18 years old, you must have completed the Motorcycle Safety Course. If it’s your very first time, congratulations! You can aquire a motorcycle learner license, which lets you ride your bike so long as an authorized driver 21 years old or older is riding with you. To find the learner license, you have to be a minimum of Many years old, and you’re limited to 250 cc or less motorbikes-so you’ll have to wait before you get on that supercharged hog.

Insurance Requirements
Texas is joining other states in using technology to make sure everyone in the state has gotten with the program. The TexasSure database matches registered vehicles with car insurance policy data submitted by Texas insurance carriers. This enables police force agencies to routinely identify people who have vehicles without insurance. Even if you’re never pulled over, they are able to still get you in Texas! All you have to complete though, is buy a minimum of the legal minimum, that is very affordable. In Texas, you will need $25,000 in bodily injury coverage for just one person, $50,000 for two persons, and $25,000 in property damage protection.

Helmet Laws in Texas
Until recently, Texas had a “helmet exemption sticker program”, which has since been repealed. What the law states exempted riders from wearing a helmet if they were built with a valid medical certificate. You’ll have to wear a helmet if you’re under 21 years old, even though it is definitely recommended that motorcycle drivers in addition to riders wear a helmet at all times.

Reliable Motor Insurance Company
If you are living in Texas, there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy motorcycling from one end of the state towards the other. As long as you’re biking right down to the River Walk in old San Antonio, or simply cruising with the avenues in Dallas, you will need to have motorcycle insurance. Texas has several affordable and reliable insurance carriers, and to find the best ones, just enter your zipcode in the box below and answer a few pre-determined questions. CheapMotorcycleInsurance.net provides you with access to the best insurance available to suit your needs.

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