South Carolina Motorcycle Insurance

For motorcycling, South Carolina could be split into 2 distinct parts. In the west and northwest there is a thick forests of the Piedmont Mountains, with numerous rivers and waterfalls to enjoy. In the east and southeast may be the Coastal Plain or Low Country where you will flat rolling countryside, picturesque farms, marshes and beautiful bay inlets. A ride across the Cherokee Parkway along with a visit to Desktop State Park are things not to be missed. Wherever you ride in Sc, having the right motorcycle insurance means that you are able to ride without worry. We’ll help you find the best coverage without any hassles as well as in the simplest way possible.

Motorcycle License Requirements
In South Carolina you have to be at least Many years of age to get your motorcycle learner’s permit. Those below 18 are required to pass an approved Driver’s Education Course. Additionally, those under 18 must have a parent or guardian present when signing the applying in the DMV office. To acquire your learner’s permit you will need to provide proof of age, evidence of residency in Sc, proof of insurance as well as your ssn. When you get your learner’s permit and feel confident about your riding abilities and knowledge of state driving laws, you are able to go back to the DMV and take the written exam and skills test. When you pass these, you will be given a full motorcycle license.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
In South Carolina it’s illegal to utilize a motorcycle with no minimum liability coverage. The minimum amounts are $25,000 for injury caused to another person, $50,000 as maximum injury coverage per accident and $25,000 as coverage against harm to the property of others. Liability only protects you from the claims of others if you’re discovered to be liable for the injury or damage caused. You are not protected against any problems for yourself or for harm to your motorcycle. When getting quotes it is a wise decision to check out what additional coverage for you and your bike will cost and add that to your insurance, if your budget permits. You will also need mandatory Uninsured Motorist Insurance that will cover any damage or injury the result of a driver who does not have access to insurance. The penalty for not getting the minimum insurance coverage is really a fine as high as $200 and a jail term as high as Thirty days.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Only those who are Two decades of age or younger need to wear head gear in Sc. For other people it is not mandatory. However, bearing in mind the intense possible consequences of the head trauma. Wearing one, even when not legally mandated by state guiidelines, is one thing you should consider.

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