Rhode Island Motorcycle Insurance

Despite the fact that Rhode Island is geographically small, it offers varied motorcycling experiences. In the western world there is a New England Upland region with hilly forests and scenic lakes. Twisty roads, charming villages and picturesque vistas make this part of the state an excellent riding experience. Within the east there is a Seaboard Lowlands with long flat open rides, sandy beaches and saltmarshes to explore. With the right motorcycle insurance to provide you with the protection and security you’ll need, you’ll have a wonderful time on the motorcycle roads of the state. And we will help give you the right insurance, simply and easily.

Motorcycle License Requirements

Obtaining a motorcycle license in Rhode Island is a reasonably simple process. You must have a regular driving license and must complete a mandatory motorcycle safety course conducted through the College of Rhode Island. Take the completion certificate to the DMV and pay the permit fee and you’ll get a temporary permit and undergo a One month trial period and you mustn’t get any speeding tickets or be in an accident. Once this is completed successfully, you can go back to the DMV and obtain your full Class M endorsement. An advanced new Rhode Island resident having a valid Class M endorsement from another state all you need to do is take your out of state license towards the DMV and purchase the brand new Rhode Island license.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
Like other states, Rhode Island mandates that minimum liability insurance coverage is available. The quantity of coverage stipulated is $25,000 for problems for someone else, $50,000 when it comes to total injury coverage and $25,000 for damage coverage. This only covers injury to others and harm to the home of others. You and your motorcycle have no coverage by this liability insurance and you ought to consider taking out additional motorcycle insurance to cover any injuries for you or harm to your motorcycle within an accident. Uninsured Motorist Insurance, which covers claims against someone causing any sort of accident who’s not insured, can also be mandatory in Rhode Island. You are not required to carry proof of insurance with you, but it is a good idea to do so and can save a lot of hassles after an accident. If you are found not to possess the stipulated minimum liability and Uninsured Motorist Insurance, the penalty is really a fine of up to $500 along with a 3 month suspension of your license or registration.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
In Rhode Island, only motorcycle riders of 20 years of age or much younger are required by law to put on a helmet. Other medication is not necessary to utilize a helmet. But all motorcycle drivers and passengers must wear head gear for the first one year following the motorcycle driver receives his license, no matter age. Why not consider wearing a helmet, even if it’s not mandatory? Head injuries can be quite serious and helmets work best protection.

Affordable, Reliable Motorcycle Insurance in Rhode Island

Having the right motorcycle insurance gives you the satisfaction to really enjoy your rides. At motorcycleinsurancequotes.net we make finding the optimum insurance easy. Just enter your zip code within the box below and you will receive quotes in the best and most highly reputed insurance firms in your town. There isn’t any obligation involved. All you’ve got to complete is spend a couple of minutes to find the quote that suits you best.

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