Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance

Pennsylvania offers a very varied motorcycling experience. There are 2 federally designated US Scenic Byways, 1 National Forest Scenic Byway and 15 state designated Byways to choose from. Besides this, there is the Lake Erie coastline, the incredible vistas from the Pocono Mountains, and lots of scenic villages and small towns to ride through. Philadelphia and Pittsburg provide the urban riding experience not to mention, you have the battlefield at Gettysburg to visit. Wherever you ride in Pennsylvania, you have to the right motorcycle insurance to provide you with security and allow you to definitely enjoy your ride.

Motorcycle License Requirements

Receiving a motorcycle license in Pennsylvania is really a three step process. First you will need to pass a written exam conducted by the Pennsylvania DoT. When you pass this you can obtain a Motorcycle Learner’s Permit for which you will need to have a vision test and pass another written exam. Once you pass, you will get your learner’s permit which is valid for one year. With this enable you may drive only during daylight hours so when along with a person who holds a legitimate Pennsylvania motorcycle license. For the final stage you’ve 2 choices. You are able to go ahead and take motorcycle skills test and should you pass it, you’ll be given the entire Class M endorsement. Or else you can sign up for the free Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program which supplies 15 hours of instruction. When you complete the program, you are automatically given your Class M endorsement.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
Pennsylvania state guiidelines states that no motorcycle may be driven without the minimum liability insurance. The amount and coverage are – $15,000 for individual injury, $30,000 for injuries to several person and $5,000 for property damage. As these minimum requirements are quite low, especially those of damage coverage, it is worthwhile to examine the viability of taking additional coverage to safeguard you from claims and compensation demands which are above these amounts. Injury Protection, which provides coverage for any injury and lack of wages you may suffer, is also mandatory. But since motorcycle repairs have become more costly, it’s worthwhile looking at adding this coverage for your motorcycle insurance plan. Evidence of insurance is required to be carried at all time. The penalty for not getting the mandatory insurance coverage is a fine of $300 plus suspension of the license and registration.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
There isn’t any universal helmet law in Pennsylvania. But unless you have completed a motorbike safety course authorized by the state DoT or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, you’ll have to wear head gear for that first 2 years after obtaining your license. Also, all riders of 20 years old or younger must wear head gear when riding. Studies have shown that head injuries are one of the most serious sustained in slip and fall accidents so wearing head gear, even when not legally required to, is a good idea.

Affordable, Reliable Motorcycle Insurance in Pennsylvania
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