Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

Ohio, or the Buckeye State, offers some of the best motorcycle roads in the Midwest. While any ride with the rural parts of the state offers classic views from the American Midwest, the southeastern and northeastern parts offer something more. The southeast is how the rider will discover hills, roads filled with twists and turns, long rides across the banks of rivers along with a host of quaint small towns. In the northeast you will find Lake Erie with 200 miles of shoreline to ride along. We’ll help give you the motorcycle insurance you have to ride protected.

Motorcycle License Requirements

To obtain an Ohio Motorcycle license you must be at least 15 ½ years old. You will then have to take a written exam to try your understanding of motorcycle riding and Ohio Motor Laws. Additionally , you will have to take an eye make sure provide age and identity proof. Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive a temporary permit that is valid for 12 months and allows you to ride with a few limitations. Those under 18 are required to bring a parent or gaurdian or guardian with them when trying to get the temporary permit. After you have the temporary permit, you have two selections for getting a full license. You can have the skills test and get a license after passing it. Or you can pass an Ohio DoT approved Motorcycle Driving Course and obtain you license without going in for the skills test.
All motorcycle riders in Ohio must have a minimum of the minimum insurance mandated by state law. This insurance covers only third party liability and won’t cover any medical expenses arising from injuries you may suffer within an accident or harm to your motorcycle. The minimum liability is $12,500 for bodily injury to another individual, $25,000 to pay for injuries to several body else and $7,500 to cover property damage. Since these minimum requirements are very low, it may be wise to consider higher coverage to protect you against claims larger than these amounts, in addition to coverage for injuries you may suffer and harm to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
In Ohio it is mandatory for all motorcycle riders aged 17 or younger to put on a helmet while riding. However, it’s also mandatory for all riders, regardless of age, to wear a helmet for just one year after receiving their license. This applies to passengers also. Head injuries are extremely common in slip and fall accidents and wearing a helmet, even when not mandated, is really a worthwhile additional safety measure.

Affordable, Reliable Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio
Riding across the American heartland is something which will never pall. But to be able to benefit from the ride towards the fullest, you need the satisfaction that comes from understanding that you have the right motorcycle insurance. At CheapMotorcycleInsurance.net we make finding the best coverage easy. All you need to do in enter your zip code in the box below and you will get no obligation multiple insurance quotes in the best and many reputed insurance providers inside your part of the state. All you need to do is pick the one that’s best for you.

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