North Carolina Motorcycle Insurance

North Carolina is a motorcyclist’s paradise. The flat open stretches from the coastal plains offer simple unimpeded riding. Move inland towards the Piedmont region and you’ll find picturesque countryside and small towns filled with character and fascinating to visit or ride through. Ride further and you’ll arrived at the Appalachian and Smokey Mountains with the great mountain driving opportunities and spectacular views. Wherever you are traveling in North Carolina, you have to be sure you have the insurance coverage you’ll need. At, we are able to assist you in finding the best insurance within the state in a minute.

Motorcycle License Requirements
In North Carolina anybody riding a bike must use a Class M motorcycle license or a motorcycle instruction permit – a learner’s permit. To get a learner’s permit, you have to be above 16 and also have a complete provisional license that has been from the DMV. A parent’s or guardian’s signature can also be required. During the time of applying, your vision, and knowledge of motorcycles and traffic signs is checked. Those above 18 must have a DMV-issued license. Having a learner’s permit, a passenger might not be carried. The permit is valid for 18 months along with a motorcycle endorsement may be requested anytime within that period. An itemized exam and a motorcycle skill test need to be passed to find the license.

Minimum Insurance policy
In North Carolina it is illegal to ride a motorcycle with out insurance. As the types of insurance and quantity of coverage can vary to suit the owner’s needs, there’s a mandatory minimum that must definitely be maintained. This works out to $30,000 for injury to someone else, $60,000 total for problems for others and $25,000 for damage to property. These are the levels of coverage per accident. As you can ride your bike with this particular coverage, keep in mind that it covers damage and problems for other people in an accident and doesn’t protect you from medical bills arising out of injuries you might sustain or damage to your motorcycle. Coverage for you personally as well as your bike will definitely cost much more, but it is worth taking into consideration. Should you park you bike within an area in which the risk of theft is high, you could also think about theft coverage.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
In North Carolina all motorcycle riders must wear a helmet. This law covers low powered motorcycles and scooters also. Simply because motorcycle helmets play this essential part in road safety, it is advisable to wear head gear specially designed for motorcycles and which has been approved by the DoT.

Affordable, Dependable Motorcycle Insurance in North Carolina
Finding the right motorcycle insurance plan for you personally can be a time intensive and complex process. At we have managed to get simple for you. All you have to do is fill in your zip code within the box below and you will receive several obligation free quotes in the greatest insurance providers in your area. It’s easy to compare them and find the one which is right for you.

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