New Jersey Motorcycle Insurance

Nj may be one of the smallest states, but it’s still one of the most stunning. For scenic drives in your motorcycle, derive New Jersey’s extensive gardens and parks, and of course, the mighty Appalachian Mountains. And when you are cycling with the state, remember concerning the Hudson River, and the 500 foot “Palisades” rock column, that is definitely a website to behold. From Chester to Frenchtown or any place in between, you’ll have perfect motorcycle terrain, scenic beauty and wide open roads. All you need is a motorbike in good shape, a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage to savor these precious natural surroundings.

Motorcycle License Requirements
If you want to take advantage of the stunning New Jersey freeways in your motorcycle, you may need a motorcycle endorsement in your existing license, or a separate motorcycle license. Either way, you’ll need to begin having a motorcycle permit before you get the endorsement or license.

To get a motorcycle permit, you need to be at least 17 years of age. Navigate to the MVC anywhere in their state and fill out a motorcycle permit application, and pass the state’s “six point ID verification”. There is a five dollar permit fee, and you will also need to pass a written test and have a vision test before your permit will be validated. After you have your permit, an authorized motorcyclist must accompany yourself on another motorcycle, and you have to contain the permit not less than 20 days before taking the street test. To get a full motorcycle license, you’ll need to make an appointment with the Driver Testing Center, and have a registered and insured motorcycle with you. When you pass the road test, then you will want to consider your permit, ride slip, and score sheet towards the MVC Agency, and you’ll get a license (after paying the $24 fee, of course). If you have completed an approved Motorcycle Safety Education Program and also have proof, you will not have to take the street test.

Insurance Requirements in New Jersey
All Motor vehicles in New Jersey must have the following three types of insurance policy: – Liability Insurance, Personal Injury Protection, and Un-insured Motorists coverage. There are several fairly serious fines for not having, regardless of whether you’re in a car or motorcycle-and you risk even losing your license entirely should you drive without insurance in New Jersey.

Helmet Laws in Nj
Helmets are required in Nj, and if you are not wearing one, you may be subject to a fine. Helmets must be of the approved type, either one-half, three-quarter, or full-face. Search for the DOT symbol on the helmet to ensure it passes the federal standard. Be also aware that your helmet must have a chinstrap, and should also have a four square inch patch of reflective tape on both sides.

How to find a reliable Insurance Company in New Jersey
If you are surviving in New Jersey and bought a motorcycle, congratulations! There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy riding from one end of the state to the other. In New Jersey, you need to have insurance to ride your motorcycle. Fortunately, you have plenty of options for coverage. Just enter your zipcode in the box below and take a minute to answer quick and easy questions, and we will assist you in finding the best insurance for your scenario, at the most effective rates.

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