Negotiating Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance

If you are looking for ways to negotiate cheaper motorcycle insurance, join the club. With today’s tough economic times, every rider is scouting around for inexpensive premiums that will let him ride in peace and without making too big of a dent in his wallet. It is actually quite easy to negotiate cheaper motorcycle insurance, when you make use of the tips mentioned below.

Shop around as much as you can

Often said to be the single most effective method to cut costs, the comfort of online shopping makes this so much easier. No need to go from one insurance office to another, or spend time and money on making innumerable telephone calls. You will be surprised to see the huge difference in quotes offered by various insurance providers, so why pay one more when the other is willing to offer the same coverage for less? Make sure you’re comparing the same type of coverage when comparison shopping—but even so, you’ll be surprised at the variance. When you have all the information you need at your fingertips, negotiating cheaper motorcycle insurance will obviously become that much easier.

Choose a safe parking spot

Motorcycle insurance providers will place special emphasis on where you park your ride every night. This becomes even more significant if you reside in an area that is known to have a high crime rate. Make sure your motorcycle is parked in a secure location every night and you will be able to negotiate better rates. This parking spot factor also holds good during the daytime, like the place where you keep your bike parked while at work or college. If it is in a place where the likelihood of anything falling on it or vandalism is high, insurance providers will charge you more. Invest in approved chains and locks to protect your bike and you will not only be keeping your ride safe, but will also be attracting discounts on insurance premiums.

Go with sturdy, not fancy

If you want to be in a position to negotiate cheaper motorcycle insurance, refrain from buying snazzy rides. These sports bikes come with bigger engines, and the bigger the engine is, the higher the insurance amount will be. Instead opt for bikes that are older and your insurance premiums will automatically come down. Not only that, you will also be spending less on maintenance costs with the older and sturdier models.

Keep your driving record clean

Even if you have done everything mentioned above, you will not be able to negotiate a great deal if you have a poor driving history. If you have always maintained a good track record, congratulations! Now is the time to reap the benefits, as a clean driving record will automatically get you fantastic discounts.

Enroll in a rider safety course

Of course nothing beats training when it comes to driving safety and self confidence, but did you know that it can also help you negotiate cheaper motorcycle insurance? So enroll in an advanced rider course at your nearest motorcycle safety school, drive confidently, and make some cool savings too.

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