Motorcycle Insurance Rates

It seems like there are endless factors that make up your motorcycle insurance rate. Comparison shopping will yield a wide array of prices and different types of coverage, and it’s hard to know where to start. To understand the process a little better, you can summarize all of the many different variables into three basic elements: Your personal driving record and other details, the type of bike you ride, and the insurance provider you are doing business with. Insurance companies have their own sets of stipulations that they abide by while quoting motorcycle insurance rates, but the basic factors remain the same for all, as detailed below.

First up is the bike that you ride. An expensive bike obviously means costlier repair costs, which is why insurance rates for such bikes are also steeper. Based on this conclusion, it is understandable why a less expensive bike will attract lower insurance premiums. This is something you need to keep in mind when buying your bike, and unless you do not mind shelling out a bundle on monthly premiums, stay away from fancy sports bikes and instead settle for a sturdy and older model. Those expensive bikes come with larger engines, and the size of the engine plays a key part in deciding insurance costs. Also, if you do not use your bike too frequently and it shows less mileage, you will be offered competitive rates by insurance providers. Next, the place you stay and where you park the bike will affect your motorcycle insurance rates. If you are a resident of a zip code where crime rates are low and one that is considered safe, you will attract cheaper quotes. On the other hand, if you live in a neighborhood where crimes are reported frequently, it is going to be one of the deciding factors with insurance providers. Going with this trend, those who live in big cities will automatically attract high premiums, while those residing in the suburbs or rural areas will have to shell out less. Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance premiums too are affected by the parking spaces used. You will be offered good rates if your motorcycle is housed in a secure location every night or outside your place of work. You run the risk of attracting high insurance rates if the motorcycle in question is an easy target for vandalism. Do you have an alarm system or anti-theft device? Good for you! You’ll keep your bike safe, and get a discount at the same time.

Then there is your age and driving history. If you are older and have sufficient riding experience then you will be offered discounted rates, but your age may not be able to help you if you have no riding experience. If you have no motorcycle driving history, your car driving record will be taken into consideration while deciding premium rates. It goes without saying that a clean driving record will fetch you discounted rates, so make sure you do not have too many tickets or accidents showing on yours. For those looking for reduced insurance premiums, signing up for a rider course at a motorcycle safety school is a sound idea.

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