Massachusetts Motorcycle Insurance

The Bay State, for all of its little size, provides a startling number of scenery, from the heavily forested Berkshire Mountains on the inland side towards the sandy beaches and stark bluffs of Cape Cod. Much more urban bikers will appreciate the world-class amenities around Boston. Massachusetts can also be an amazing spot for history buffs, offering up uniquely American sites like Plymouth Rock, the market square where the initial shot of the Revolutionary War was fired, and also the infamous Walden where Thoreau did his best writing.

Motorcycle License Requirements

To get a Class M permit in Massachusetts, you have to be a minimum of 16 years old — 18 if you’d like to do it with out parental consent. Bring proof of what you are, in your geographical area, your citizenship, your signature, as well as your date of birth — and thirty bucks, too. The DoL folks provides you with a written make sure an image screening. Later, you’ll need to go ahead and take motorcycle abilities test, or pass the state’s Motorcycle Rider Education Program — both if you are under 18.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
Liability insurance coverage is required for all motorcycles in Massachusetts. State law does, however, provide a 10% discount on premiums for anyone who completes the Motorcycle Rider Education Program. The Bay State demands $20,000 in injury liability per individual, to some maximum of $40,000 per accident. The property damage liability requirement is extraordinarily low at only $5,000.

Additionally they necessitate $8,000 in personal injury protection, and underinsured motorist protection add up to the normal injury liability minimums (above) — each of which are rarities in our midst states. Of course, extra insurance such as collision and comprehensive coverage are for sale to motorcycles just like they are for cars along with other vehicles.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
In Massachusetts, everybody who operates a motorbike or rides along like a passenger should wear head gear. Furthermore, it is the responsibility from the operator to make sure that all passengers are wearing helmets, to help you be fined in case your passengers aren’t respecting the helmet law. Massachusetts also bans in-helmet speakers, as well as protective eyegear if you don’t possess a tall windshield.

Affordable, Dependable Motorcycle Insurance in Massachusetts

When you are getting right down to it, selecting a motorcycle and a helmet could be a little bit challenging — but a minimum of, when you’re doing that, you get to see, touch, and try out your future gear. Obtaining the best insurance, nevertheless, could be a much more difficult endeavor. There’s a lot of complexity to insurance, and a lot of companies offering a large number of tiny variants on a theme.

That’s why has gathered a number of the very best motorcycle insurance companies together in a single location, to take some from the pain out of shopping around. Start by putting your ZIP code in the box below, and we’ll provide you with quotes from the majority of the top insurers inside your region, along with convenient links where you can delve into much more detail than just the straight cost. Select based on what’s least expensive, or get into the small print and begin niggling that details suit your best — the choice is yours.

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