Maine Motorcycle Insurance

Maine — it’s seventeen million acres of forest, five thousand miles of coast, thirty-two thousand miles of rivers, and six thousand lakes all bundled together in a single amazing destination for motorcyclists. The mix of greens and blues produce a stunning visual panorama virtually anywhere in the state you care to cruise; a virtual paradise of views await you anywhere you go within the Pine Tree state.

Motorcycle License Requirements
To get a motorcycle license within the Pine Tree state, you need to be 16 years old (or older, obviously) and also have completed a fundamental Driver’s Education course meant for a typical license (if you don’t need to also have a normal driver’s license.) If you’re 18 or higher, you are able to skip Driver’s Ed.

Additionally, you have to complete the Maine Motorcycle Safety Education Course (MMSEC) — an eight-hour classroom instruction program. Then, you have to obtain a learner’s permit and pass an itemized exam to be able to acquire it — the permit enables you to ride your cycle in hours of sunlight and with out passengers. To graduate to a full license, you need to take a Maine Bureau of Cars road test on the same motorcycle you have been riding together with your permit — OR you can complete the 15-hour hands-on Motorcycle Rider Course: Riding and Street Skills.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
Like the rest of the Union, Maine demands motorcyclists (and all drivers) to carry liability coverage just in case they injure someone while riding. The limits in Maine are incredibly high, making insurance in Maine fairly pricey. A motorcyclist there must carry liability coverage of a whopping $50,000 per person, to a more $100,000 per accident. They must also carry a higher $25,000 property damage policy. Some have known as these extraordinary high minimums ‘punitive’, and have opted to obtain licenses in other states in order to avoid the high premiums that such minimums enforce.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

In Maine, you have to wear head gear if you have a learner’s permit, if you completed your driving test within the last year (even if you have acquired an effective license), or if you are under 17 years old and riding like a passenger inside a motorcycle or sidecar. Also, regardless of what your age or driving status, if you’re riding with someone who is needed legally to wear head gear, you have to also wear head gear. This law applies to all cycles with an engine displacement more than 50 cubic centimeters or electric engines more than 1,500 watts; much less powerful vehicles do not require helmets.

Inexpensive, Dependable Motorcycle Insurance in Maine
Maine has some uniquely high insurance standards, making searching for the very best deals you can find much more important in the Pine Tree state than every other state in the union. is here now to help — put your ZIP code within the field below, and we’ll show you competing quotes from the 3 main motorcycle insurance carriers that operate in your area. It’s like looking around, except we make it fast, simple, and intuitive. Get the best deal you can!

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