Louisiana Motorcycle Insurance

Sportsman’s Paradise, as Louisiana is famous, is definitely an incredible state for motorcycling. Many believe that the Gulf Coast is ruined due to the oil spill, but the truth is that lots of staggering scenic vistas are open and unaffected. And, unlike some opinions, there’s much more to Louisiana compared to Gulf Coast as well — mile after mile of gorgeous bayou roads, not to mention the twists and curves from the highways alongside the False River make Louisiana a great spot to be on a two-wheeler.

Motorcycle License Requirements

For any Louisiana resident to obtain a motorcycle license, a few fundamental things have to be in location. First, a 15- or 16- years old having a learners permit is bound to using a motorcycle only within 3 miles of their house (or wherever their parent is currently staying). All would-be motorcyclists must complete the standard written test, vision screening, and motorcycle knowledge test.

Furthermore, a motorcycle license demands wither an evaluation of motorcycling skill or perhaps a “Motorcycle Safety Awareness and Operators Training Program”, the industry multiweek written and off-street driving experience course. In order to start either, the learner should provide a completely functional motorcycle, approved helmet, and evidence of insurance.

A motorcycle license is not needed to use any cycle with under 5 horsepower inside the state of Louisiana.

Insurance Minimum Coverage

As in the rest of the Usa, all motorists such as motorbikers are required to carry fundamental insurance to cover the expenses of anybody they harm in an accident. The minimums in Louisiana are very low — just $10,000 in injury coverage per person to some more $20,000 for all persons injured in a single accident. The property damage minimum is rather standard at $10,000 per accident.

Insurance providers in Louisiana are required to provide Uninsured Motorist coverage, but Louisiana provides its on unique twist. In addition to the standard UM coverage, which takes the area from the other guy’s insurance ought to he have none (or not sufficient), Louisiana also requires insurers to offer something known as ‘Economic Only’ UM coverage. EOUM provides reduced premiums, but can’t be used to cover anything other than strictly dollar-cost losses (i.e. pain free and suffering, mental anguish, or other damages may be brought with EOUM coverage.) Anyone older than 21 who chooses to not wear a helmet (see below) is needed to have EOUM coverage of $100,000 along with a health care plan.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

If you are under 21, you cannot operate any motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, or motorized bicycle without a helmet that is secured with a chin strap. Such helmets must have a visor. If you’re over 21, you might choose to wear no helmet if you purchase optional insurance policy (see above). Either way, you must have eye protection — whether windshield, goggles, certain kinds of glasses, or perhaps a faceplate.

Affordable, Reliable Motorcycle insurance in Louisiana

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