Kansas Motorcycle Insurance

In the graceful curves from the Flint Hills towards the short but incredibly intense cruise from Wolcott to St. Mary College along part of Highway 5, Kansas offers a startlingly diverse range of cycling opportunities, from the expectedly pastoral and scenic to the harrowingly twisty and tree-dense. House to the well-known Kansas Motorcycle Museum, Kansas has a lengthy, proud love affair using the two-wheeler, and contains plenty of incredible drives to prove it.

Motorcycle License Requirements

To get a motorbike license (Class M) along with your standard Kansas drivers license (Class A or B), you have to pass a motorbike knowledge test, a vision test, and a test of your understanding of visitors signs. Finally, you have to also pass a fundamental motorcycle abilities test. You may forego the skills test for a multi-week motorcycle safety course that includes off-road driving experience. A Class M certification costs $9 for a 4-year or $12.50 for any 6-year license.

Insurance Minimum Coverage

Like almost all states, Kansas demands you to definitely carry some fundamental liability insurance — insurance that covers another guy in the event you get in a wreck. In Kansas, the minimum injury coverage you are able to legally carry is $25,000 per person to some more $50,000 total per accident. You must also carry property damage coverage of $10,000 to repair any damage dealt for their vehicle or other property.

Motorcyclists are also distinctive among Kansan drivers within their capability to voluntarily forego insurance to pay for their very own person. This is mandated for drivers of all other motor vehicles, but motorcyclists can waive it by submitting a request in writing to the Kansas Department of Licensing. If they don’t, they’re legally obligated to transport a complex blend of medical and rehabilitation benefits ($4,500 worth of each), disability insurance ($900 monthly for a the least one year, or $1,080), substitution benefits ($25 per day for a the least twelve months, which arrives to $9,125), and funeral advantages ($2,000).

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
In Kansas, eye protection is mandatory for all people who are operating a motorbike. That means goggles, glasses, or face shields. If you’ve got a windshield that extends a lot more than 10 inches above the middle of your handlebars, you can skip on this protective measure. Also, if you’re under 18 years of age, you must wear a helmet if you’re operating or riding on a motorcycle or motorized bicycle.

Affordable, Dependable Motorcycle Insurance in Kansas
Kansas insurance laws can be pretty simple (if you waive the personal protection insurance, which honestly isn’t all that wise), or fairly complex (if you do not). However you tackle the problem of insurance, you are usually likely to be greatest off obtaining a number of offers. CheapMotorcycleInsurance.net makes that task easy — just key in your Zipcode below, and we’ll collect offers from the 3 of the top motorcycle insurance firms within the state that you should review and compare. What could be simpler?

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