Idaho Motorcycle Insurance

From scenic I-90 over the north towards the twisty and exciting SR 75 in the south, Idaho is really a suggest that gives true depth and dimension to the thrills of the motorbike. From a sliver of Yellowstone to the startling scenes from the Craters of the Moon National Monument, the signs in Idaho are undeniably moving. Offering up a panorama of sweeping vistas within the eastern flatlands and also the incredible views of — and from — the Rockies in the western world, the Spud St–err, sorry, the Gem State is a paradise of two-wheeling ecstasy, and the laws there allow it to be simple enough to get started.

Motorcycle License Requirements

In order to drive a motorbike within the state of Idaho, you do not need a unique license by itself, but you do require a motorcycle endorsement upon your existing Idaho license. Getting a motorbike endorsement requires you to pass an itemized test and a skills test — so if you’re under 21, an additional motorcycle-use training course.

Mopeds don’t require a license or registration whatsoever provided they are restricted to below thirty miles per hour, as well as in fact motorcycles that were designed to be strictly off-road vehicles — and also have under 30cc engines — have been in exactly the same category. Mopeds that can exceed 30 MPH and off-road bikes with 31+cc engines are legally considered motorcycles for all purposes.

Insurance Minimum Coverage
Before you can register your motorcycle, you must legally have motorcycle insurance. Under Idaho state guiidelines, this insurance must provide, at the minimum: twenty five thousand dollars per person (minimum of two people covered) for injury or death should you harm them in an accident, and minimum fifteen thousand dollars for covering any property damage you need to inflict on another person’s property inside a motorcycle accident. When you go to register your motorcycle, you will be necessary to sign an argument that certifies that your motorcycle is — and will remain — included in insurance that meets a minimum of these minimum standards.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws
Within the state of Idaho, motorcycle drivers younger than 18 are legally obligated to wear a DoT-approved helmet. Unlike many other places in the Unites States, this is the only helmet-related law in Idaho. Drivers that are of-age — and any passengers — are free to use and/or ride along on a motorcycle with no mandate of law regarding their choice of headgear, eye protection, or other personal protection. Of course, it’s always smart to wear head gear and/or riding goggles, but Idaho doesn’t require it.

Affordable, Reliable Motorcycle Insurance in Hawaii
As everywhere in America, there are a large number of competing agencies that provide motorcycle insurance in Idaho. The easiest way to find the ideal rate is to obtain quotes from as many as you are able to. has done that for you personally — just put your ZIP code in the box below, and we’ll supply the rest!

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