Connecticut Motorcycle Insurance

Connecticut is a state rich in history with the Freedom Trail which aided and abetted the Underground Railroad movement a well known tourist attraction. This sense of history is exacerbated by Connecticut’s role being an old colonial town established in 1636. There’s also a number of fun family fairs throughout the year with autumn probably the most enjoyable times within the state. In order to get from one fair to another or visit the myriad of museums within Connecticut you need transport, so taking your motorcycle around is the swiftest approach to experiencing all Connecticut has to offer. Regardless of the calm roads and pleasant demeanor from the population, all roads should be respected which is vital to buy motorcycle insurance to be able to shield you from financial catastrophe.

Connecticut Motorcycle License Requirements
In order to apply for a motorcycle license in Connecticut you must first be a minimum of 16 years of age and hold a valid non-commercial driver’s license. All applicants must get yourself a motorcycle learner’s permit before they are able to look for the entire license. This permit can last for Two months and is only valid in Connecticut and during daylight hours. Permit holders also cannot drive on multi-lane highways and must wear head gear as well as eye protection. Only those with a valid learner’s permit can apply for that full license and they should have a completely registered and insured motorcycle. In the written test, you have to answer at least 12 from 16 questions correctly in order to pass. Once this exam is passed you must submit your original driver’s license and in return you will receive your new and improved license.

Minimum insurance policy
We’re not permitted to ride a motorbike on the roads of Connecticut unless they’ve the requisite liability coverage. The minimum amounts accepted by the state are $10,000 property damage, $20,000 to pay for bodily problems for one person and $40,000 worth of coverage to pay for bodily injury for several people if required. This minimum insurance regulation only protects damage sustained through the other party injured within the accident. Should you only buy the above amounts you are leaving yourself exposed as you won’t be covered against damage you sustain in any accident. Additional coverage is not cheap and that’s why you should check out as many insurance providers as possible.

Helmet Laws in Connecticut

There are no requirements to wear a helmet for all those over 18 in terms of insurance but as helmets often prevent serious injury it would be a good idea to wear one. All drivers under the age of 18 must legally wear head gear and drivers of all ages who only have the learning permit and not the entire license must do likewise.

Finding great insurance quotes in Connecticut
The huge quantity of insurance providers in Connecticut ensure that customers enjoy reduced rates of motorcycle insurance. Yet it may be hard to travel through the maze of figures. This is when comes in. Simply enter your zipcode and also the site will highlight a number of insurance companies in your area that offer the cheapest insurance costs.

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