Alaska Motorcycle Insurance

Alaska is a state often connected to its beauty and its sparse population indicates the roads within the state don’t usually experience high-traffic. This makes Alaska an ideal location for those seeking to fly down the highway in their motorcycle without having to worry about traffic jams. Regardless of whether you wish to gaze in awe at North America’s highest mountain Mount McKinley or marvel at the wildlife contained inside Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska offers motorcyclists the opportunity to drive almost unencumbered through the entire fantastic state. But the lack of visitors could cause complacency which in turn results in accidents. It could be foolish and illegal to ride via Alaska with out the requisite insurance. We can help you when it comes to sifting through Alaska’s many insurance carriers in order to get you the very best quote.

The Motorcycle License Requirements of the state of Alaska

Applicants between the ages of 16 and 18 can’t successfully apply for a motorcycle license Class M1 till they have had a learner’s permit for a minimum of six months. Also, those younger than 18 must have their parent’s permission so that they can operate a motorcycle. You can not qualify for a motorcycle license in Alaska unless you’re eligible for a regular driver’s license but you can’t hold a normal automobile license if you’re planning to earn a Class M1 motorcycle license. In Alaska, it is crucial to pass the written motor automobile test as well as a specialized motorcycle understanding test. An optical exam must also be effectively negotiated before the final hurdle, the motorcycle road test is attempted. Those who have already passed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation test won’t be required to take the motorcycle road test.

Minimum insurance requirements
It is against the law to operate a motorcycle on the open road without possessing a certain level of insurance. It is not necessary to buy insurance if you’re able to self-insure or post a bond using the DMV. Nevertheless, neither of these techniques are practical and can cost more than purchasing normal motorcycle insurance. In Alaska, the minimum insurance requirements are $50,000 worth of coverage for bodily injury per person, $100,000 for bodily injury per accident and $25,000 for property harm liability. Bodily injury covers the physical damages suffered by the other party and property liability insurance covers any damages their property incurs. Yet the above minimum requirements do not cover your injuries or harm so it’s wise to obtain a greater quantity to cover your self.

Alaska Motorcycle Helmet Guidelines and Regulations

Helmets are required for all passengers, drivers younger than 18, those taking the road test and for anybody who only possesses an instruction permit. Considering the fact that head injuries are a common consequence of motorcycle accidents, it becomes prudent for all drivers to wear them to prevent injury as well as loss of life.

Discovering quality, low cost insurance in Alaska
As Alasaka state laws require all motorcyclists to have insurance it is important to find the correct company and quote to suit your needs. At we can help you find the most inexpensive and complete insurance in the state. Simply enter your zip code within the box beneath and you will immediately receive a host of no-obligation insurance quotes absolutely free.

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