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We are a group of bike fanatics who think of our wheels as extensions of ourselves! When moving around the countryside on our 2-wheelers, insurance never entered our minds till we literally had to make a decision on what to choose and where to go for it. Despite having the convenience of the Internet and the ease of finding information, it still dawned on us that searching for insurance and making the right choice was quite honestly, a painful experience.

The entire exercise of finding the different companies, the diverse options, cost of premium and other details gave us the idea of putting all this data on a website to make it easier for others. We had gone through the drudgery, done the work so why not put it in the public domain so that those looking for motorcycle insurance at a low rate could take advantage of the information?

Getting it Done
There was a lot more to do and the first thing was to contact the companies that provided motorcycle insurance. Partnering with them gave us a lot of additional information that we felt was useful to our clientele. The charts give you the quotes from the major insurers and help you to decide which is suitable for you. All you need to do is enter your zip code and voila! All the quotes are right there on the screen in front of you. You go through them, think and then decide. It’s as simple as that.

Reviews You can Trust
But we did not stop there; as avid bikers ourselves, we know how crucial it is to find the right option for your motorcycle so that it stays with you year after year, regardless of any kind of accident, theft or any other untoward happening. So, to help you just a bit more, we have brought you reviews of the major motorcycle insurance companies around.

The reviews provide additional information in terms of various aspects of motorcycle insurance and help in understanding the many insurance companies in the marketplace, each claiming to be the best. Besides the cost factor that is furnished by the quotes, these reviews give a more complete picture of your options and help in your decision.

These reviews are detailed and comprehensive and provide the opinions of people who have used a particular insurance provider. This again helps in understanding the services of the several companies in the marketplace and is a useful tool in the decision-making process. The reviews give you a good idea of what you can expect from the various car insurance providers.
First the quotes, then the reviews; you will find that taking out a motorcycle insurance suddenly seems so much simpler and easier and not such a complicated task that you thought it was.

Our Service is Free!
No obligation, no charges, no upfront payment or commissions, we charge nothing for our service. Our objective is to provide bike riders with a site that helps them to choose the right insurance option with all the information that we can manage to gather. We present this information in a clear and user-friendly way to enable all of you to take advantage of it and then go ahead to make the right choice.

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